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Mini Budget Necklaces & Hairclips Collection Launched!

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Grape in Garden - E0008

Item Code: E0008 - Grape in Garden Earring

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Grape in Garden is made of 8mm Genuine Swarovski Purple pearls+pewter leaves
Length 6.5cm
Status: Sold

Miss Goldie - E0007

Miss Goldie Earring

Item Code: E0007
Made of Gold+white Genuine Swarovski Pearls (5cm)
*Item Sold. Pls ask for **remake/reproduce**, pls e-mail me at*

Lady Snow - B0002 - All Sold

Lady Snow Bracelet

Item Code: B0002
Made of Genuine Swarovski pearls white+bronze+grey+one metallic butterfly+star clasp+two Genuine Swarovski bicone grey crystal
Status: Sold

Hana Hana - B0013 -Wedding style

Hana Hana Bracelet

Item Code: B0013
Beautifully made of Purple clay flowers+white seed beads+Swarovski Crystals
A wedding style
*Item sold. Please ask for **remakes/ reproduce**, e-mail to *

Earrings to match : Allure Me

Beautiful You - B0032

Beautiful You Bracelet

Item Code: B0032
Made of Genuine Swarovski Pearls white+bronze+powder rose+a metallic butterfly
*Item sold. Pls ask for **remakes/ reproduce**, please e-mail now*

Updated Charms! Baby Blue Angel

Baby Blue Charm

Item Code: C007
Beautifully made of Baby blue+White Genuine Swarovski Crystals
Status: All Sold

Allure Me - E0014 - All Sold

Allure Me Earring

Item Code: E0014

Beautifully made of Purple clay flowers+Swarovski Pears+Crystals
Status: All Sold

Pink Coins Earrings - Sold

Pink Coins

Item Code: E0010
One Off Piece - no remakes
SGD $6.00
Status: Sold

Mistress - E0009 - Sold

Mistress Earring

Item Code: E0009
Made of 6mm Brown Geniune Swarovski Round Crystals+Pearls
Status: Sold

Dancing Butterfly - Pink - E0004

Dancing Butterfly - Pink Earring

Item Code: E0004
Made of Fuchsia Butterfly Genuine Swarovski Crystals+a metallic butterfly
SGD $9.50
*Item Sold 2 pcs. Pls ask for **remakes/ reproduce**, pls e-mail me
at for more enquiries

Dancing Butterfly - Nature - E0004

Dancing Butterfly - Nature Earring

Item Code: E0004
Made of Green Butterfly Genuine Swarovski Crystals with a metallic butterfly
SGD $9.50


Cherry Pink Bracelet

*Cherrypink* Bracelet
Item Code: B0012

8mm Pink powder rose Swarovski pearls, 4mm white Swarovski crystal tied with silver flowers & a rectangular shape clasp. Suitable for Pinky Day!
6 Available (SOLD)
5 Remakes (SOLD)
---Most popular!---
(16.5 cm)
SGD $ 8.00
Status: *Remakes available*
*Ask for **remake/reproduce**, pls e-mail me at*
Dancing Butterfly – Brown

Item code: B0009
Material use – Brown & Light Brown butterfly Swarovski crystal dancing away with silver chain. Dancing Butterfly – Available in pink & brown.
*Item Sold. Pls ask for **remakes/ reproduce**, please e-mail now*
Dancing Flower - Pink
Item Code: B0009
Dancing Flower - Light Pink & Fuchsia flower shape Swarovski Crystal dancing away with silver chain (16cm)
SGD$ 18.00
*Item Sold 2pcs. Pls ask for **remakes/ reproduce**, pls e-mail me
at for more enquiries
Purple Melody

Item Code: B0014
Made of 16 Purple-Amethyst 6mm bicone shape Swarovski crystal & sweet-pink fresh water pearls. This piece of bracelet looks so sweet yet elegant. Suitable for outing wear :) (16 cm)
SGD $18.00
*Item Sold. Pls ask for **remake/reproduce**, pls e-mail me at*
Dancing ButterflyDouble Green

Item Code: B0010
Apple green butterfly & 6mm Gold Swarovski pearls dangling with
double silver extension chain :)
SGD $18.00
*Item Sold 2pcs. Pls ask for **remakes/reproduce**, pls e-mail me at*

Sweet Cherries Earrings - E0013

*SweetCherries earrings*

Item Code: E0013
Two cherries each dangling– 8mm Bronze Swarovski pearls. Sweet & elegant :) (9cm)
SGD $8.00 - 1 available

**designed by snowlights**

Crystals Bracelets

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Material use for Crystal Bracelets

Item Code: B0018 - Purple /Lime loop bracelets- $ 10.50 each
Material use - 4mm Purple/ Lime bicone shape Swarovski crystal & seed beads. Match up with jeans day! Both only 1 pc available in my closet :) (16 cm)

Item Code: B0019 - Crystalight – Purple-pinky (1)/ Apple green (2) - $ 12.00 each
1. Material use for Purple-pinky – 4mm white & pink Swarovski crystal together with purple seed beads, clasp attached with round seed beads.
2. Material use for Apple-green – 4mm white & erinite Swarovski crystal together with white seed beads, clasp attached with round seed beads. (Both 14cm)

Item Code: B0020 - Princess Amethyst~ - $ 12.00
4mm White & dark Purple Swarovski crystal & a touch of small white transparent seed beads with flower-square clasp. Just like a Princess! (14 cm)

Status: 1 SOLD, 1 Left

Item Code: B0021 Purple Rose bud - $ 8.00
Material use – 4mm light amethyst Swarovski crystal with brown & white seed beads. Cute & classic look :)
(Approximately 13 cm)

Item Code: B0022 ~Romance~$ 10.00 -

Into the world of romance, all purple. Material use - 4 mm Amethyst Swarovski crystal curls with purple flower seed beads. Romance bracelets for Purple Day! *remakes possible* :) (16 cm)

Status: 3 SOLD (most popular trinket!)

Item Code: B0023 - Rainbow - $ 10.00
Colourful Swarovski crystal curls with white flower seed beads. Come, let’s join the colourful world! Suitable for all colours of clothes. Only 2 available in my closet. *remakes possible but ask for changes of colours* :) (16cm)

Status: 3 SOLD (most popular trinket!)

Item Code: B0024 - Rose bud – Red/ Blue $ 8.00 each

Material use – 4mm Ruby/ White Swarovski crystal with pink, white & blue seed beads. Simple style for everyone! :) (17 cm)

Item Code: B0025 - Flower Day – (1) Blue/ (2) Green/ (3) Purple $ 9.00 each
Material use for flowers – 4mm bicone shape Swarovski crystals encircled one Swarovski crystal attached with twisted seed beads. All only 1 available in my closet. No remakes possible. Simple yet elegant for a Happy outing! :) (16cm)

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