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Mini Budget Necklaces & Hairclips Collection Launched!

To place an order, pls e-mail me at
*Sales are deal with accordingly by priority of e-mail receipts*


Black-Coffee - B0001 - 3pc Left


Item Code : B0001
----Together, Forever----
Black-Coffee made of 2 almond-shape black pearls as one, 10mm Pink & Brown Genuine Swarovski Crystals, faux black pearls and a silver metalic butterfly~
Limited to 3 pcs - All Sold


Cinderella Bracelet - B0040 - Sold

~Cinderella Bracelet~

Item Code: B0040
~I am a happy princess when I am in Love~
Own this Cinderella Bracelet to be a Happy princess!
Is made of beautiful Cinderella dancing at ballroom and a classic coach with three amethyst health gemstones & 4mm brown genuine Swarovski bicone crystals
Chain approx. 16cm in length (1 available)

$16 - SOLD

5 Remakes - SOLD OUT

Updated Crafted Necklaces! Sweet Bambi Love

~Beautiful Necklaces from me to you~
Sweet Bambi Love
Special Offer,
NOW at SGD$15 only

Item Code: N0035
Oh, little Bambi is lost in the woods! Get this little Bambi now before it's too late~
Wire used is non tarnish and made in USA
Actual price: SGD$17
Special Offer,
NOW at SGD$15 only
*8 pcs remakes - ALL SOLD OUT*
*Pink morning glory is temporarily out of stock,
any request for remakes, pls consider purple morning glory*
* Thanks to those Gals for supporting Snowlights! *
*Item Sold. Ask for **remakes/ reproduce**, pls e-mail
Copyright © 2007-2008 by Snowlights. All rights reserved


Announcement from Snowlights

My Dear Lovely Shoppers,

Remakes for necklace ‘Mr. Albert’ & bracelet ‘Vintage Lady’ are finally closed! (Fuhhh~*sweating*). Materials used are limited, thus I am momentarily unable to reproduce such trinkets! Thanks for all your passionate supports! Do stay tune for more of Snowlights trinkets features in this week!!!

Appreciated for your continued patronage, and look forward to being able to assist you in the near future! Please view the T&C for more info.

Copyright © 2007 by Snowlights. All rights reserved. No part of the images should be copied or stored in any form by means including written or photocopying means without the written permission of the copyright owners. Any person who does any unauthorized act in relation to this copyright art may be liable to criminal prosecution and civil claim for damages.

Thank You


Mr Albert - N0010 - Sold

Mr. Albert

I would like to make this a Snowlights signature as I have not seen anyone done this
craft before. Do let me know in case have.... :)
Copyright © 2007 by Snowlights. All rights reserved

Item Code: N0010
Mr. Albert is uniquely in white colour wrap up with black polka-dot clothes and carrying diamonds to look for a butterfly~Necklace append with 2 white Genuine Round Swarovski Crystals
---white teddy bear (approx. 3cm)--- chain (approx. 80cm)---

SGD$ 15.00 - 5 SOLD
(I am momentarily unable to reproduce Mr. Albert as material use are limited. For more enquiries, you may e-mail me at

Teddys` Vogue - B0033 - Sold


Item Code: B0033
Teddy-Vogue is handmade of 14k Gold-platted wrap up with bronze chains, append with made for en angel pendant and a teddy bear (approx. 5cm tall)
(approx. 17.5cm)
SGD $12 - 4 Sold
Copyright © 2007 by Snowlights. All rights reserved

Victoria - B0030 - Sold


Item Code: B0030

Victoria is beautifully handmade of White Genuine Swarovski Pearls and a Teardrop Genuine Swarovski Crystal

2 Available - SOLD OUT


Updated Bracelets! Blissful Bride

Blissful Bride

Item Code: B0003
Blissful bride is bracelet made of pure white Genuine Swarovski Pearls + purple seed beads
(approx. 16cm)
A Wedding Style
*remakes possible but depends on bits and pieces*
*Item Sold 2pcs. Pls ask for **remakes/ reproduce**, e-mail me at now*

Updated Earrings! Embrace Me

Embrace Me

Item Code: E0018
Made of 8mm Bronze Genuine Swarovski Crystals & wired-up with dangling of 4mm Brown Genuine round Swarovski Crystals
(approx. 6cm)
*Item Sold 3pcs. Pls ask for **remake/reproduce**, pls e-mail me at*

Updated Earrings! Bronze

Butterfly Bronze

Item Code: E0005
Made of Butterfly metallic, Ruby Genuine Swarovski Crystals, both 4mm & 6mm with Bronze Genuine Swarovski Pearls
(approx. 5.5cm)
*Item Sold 3pcs. Pls ask for **remakes/reproduce**, pls e-mail me at*

Updated Earrings! Blue Indies

Blue Indies

Item Code: E0003
Beautifully made of Baby Blue 8mm Swarovski Round Crystals & wired-round swirl
(approx. 5.5cm)
*Item Sold. Pls ask for **remakes/reproduce**, pls e-mail me at*

Updated Earrings! Lady Snow-Sold

Lady Snow

Item Code: E0002
Made of Swarovski Pearls+Bicone Crystals dangling with silver chains
(approx. 7.5cm)
Status: Sold


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